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Helvetica and Bean Bags


If you haven’t watched the documentary Helvetica, I highly recommend it.  As the documentary regaled the history of this typeface (starting in the 50s with a roar and inundating our society today), I was very interested in the idea that permeates Helvetica: the power of type.  Today, the font Helvetica is used literally EVERYWHERE you look, and can give the viewer a variety of impressions and messages about the product or company it represents. Really, the documentary says it much better than I can :).

All this being said, I had made some little beanbag toys for a friends two adorable kids and my step sister’s son.  I didn’t even notice the sans-serif type that I chose for the numbers.  The font seemed friendly, clean, and easy to read. Oh the things you learn from documentaries!

If you are looking for a good gift for a toddler, these are perfect! Whether you are working on motor skills, numbers, or just pulling objects from a bag (I heard from my reviewers this was quite a popular activity, i.e. parnets holding the little green bag the bean bags came in as the toddler continuously pulled out a numbered bag).



Writers I Read Wednesday!


Blog Writers that is!

One of my all-time favorite blogs is Sew Mama SewTech Tutorial.  She has absolutely adorable tutorials, great interviews, and even a fabric shop with stunning products.   Here is a picture from the “Tech Tutorial” for an ear bud pouch!

Add some Spring to your letters!


Here is a new line of cards for Spring! With hand cut, felt embellishments, these cards for a unique gift!

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It’s the Little Things


n our NYC apartment, space is used in ways that this Iowa girl could never imagine. Shelves give more vertical space, hidden compartments in furniture allow for extra storage, and the many tips derived from Ikea catalogs make our studio apartments hold as much as a small ranch house. One thing that has been driving me crazy for YEARS has been our plastic grocery bags. Jordan and I try to reuse these as often as possible, but storing them can get unruly. I was too frugal to spend cash on storing “trash” bags, and my old, metal, Singer sewing machine was starting to show it’s age. We stored all the loose plastic in a large paper bag on the floor of our kitchen near the garbage. Not the most pleasant to look at. I finally decided to make a bag holder that I had seen in so many of my friends homes growing up made from old towels. This Little Piggy had a great tutorial! I used some scrap fabric I had lying around and tada! A neat, little bag holder!

I know, I know… It’s just a bag holder… but sometimes, it is those little things in life that make you smile :).