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Helvetica and Bean Bags


If you haven’t watched the documentary Helvetica, I highly recommend it.  As the documentary regaled the history of this typeface (starting in the 50s with a roar and inundating our society today), I was very interested in the idea that permeates Helvetica: the power of type.  Today, the font Helvetica is used literally EVERYWHERE you look, and can give the viewer a variety of impressions and messages about the product or company it represents. Really, the documentary says it much better than I can :).

All this being said, I had made some little beanbag toys for a friends two adorable kids and my step sister’s son.  I didn’t even notice the sans-serif type that I chose for the numbers.  The font seemed friendly, clean, and easy to read. Oh the things you learn from documentaries!

If you are looking for a good gift for a toddler, these are perfect! Whether you are working on motor skills, numbers, or just pulling objects from a bag (I heard from my reviewers this was quite a popular activity, i.e. parnets holding the little green bag the bean bags came in as the toddler continuously pulled out a numbered bag).