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A-Making-Some-Cards We Go!



On top of sewing, paper crafts are another fun and relaxing hobby.  I made some cards with little rainbow bunting on them.  Nice and bright for the summer :).  Check out some other cards HERE. Making cards is super easy and another great creative outlet.  I purchased one of the Martha Stewart Scoring Boards for half price and I am not gonna lie, it has been lovely.  Creases and folds that a scoring board makes are so much cleaner and are nice and straight compared to hand-folding.  I cut and measured out all of the little bunting, stuck each on with a little sticky dot, and then sewed right down the line.  Super simple and easy!

Emjoy 🙂


More Beans in More Bags


I have been on a little kick making toys and treats for kids.  Check out my other shop  This set is perfect for if you want to teach your kids colors, motor skills, or just have some fun time! Have any of you made bean bags before?  I will say my hubby and I had a ton of fun tossing a set around the apartment :).


And they’re back!


Baby elements pillows are back in the shop!  These little guys were silk screened with love, and this is the last batch!!

Turning Over a New Leaf


A year after graduating from art school, I find myself drifting farther and farther away from one of my greatest passions: art.  While making art in school for assignments was sometimes a burden, I am not so good at carving out time in my work week for this precious medium now that I am no longer in classes.  I had another blog and even an etsy shop, selling some geekery, but I let them drift and did not regularly update.

creating life as it goes along

So here, on my little wordpress, I ask you to embark with me on a “new era,” as I put into practice the creativity that I paid the big, art school bucks for :).

New items are constantly going up at my new etsy shop:  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Happy weekend!